Looking out over the mountains in Chiang Mai

Walking the streets of Oxford with my family

Always jumping for joy when travelling, in Madrid with the girls

5 causes of pigmentation conditions

As much of this picture shows, I promise I’m not a problem child, but honestly have always had the most ridiculous body. As most girls, I was on the pill since the age of 15 because of my mood swings and very heavy periods (sorry for any blokes reading this…) I had to...

9 sugar alternatives, but are they really good for you?

Many alternatives to sugar are called ‘natural’ but really they are anything but. Wherever possible we should rely on the natural sweetness of foods themselves rather than on adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. So for example using carrots, raisins, beetroot, dates, figs and banks as natural sweeteners would be better for us (whether diabetic or not) and that is because our body is able to break it down more easily.

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