Be better motivation

An adventure to the better you can start today by doing the tiniest little thing!

What do you already do to make yourself a better person?

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of self-development.  Honestly, anyone that thinks they are the best at everything or doesn’t need to improve in anyway is actually the person that needs to learn the most.

I think it’s so important to improve yourself and improve your life, just so you are being the best person you can be and living the best possible life you can be.

It just so happens that what I love most is to help others do the same 😉 LIVE A BETTER LIFE WEEEEYYYYYY!

30 Day challenges

I often set myself monthly challenges, some I complete, others I don’t (I am human and life does get in the way) and my latest is to make 30 friends in 30 days as well as complete the 30 Days to healthy living plan.  So far (a week in) and I have lost 2 inches on my waist and lost 800 grams (so everything I put on over Christmas).

I find setting myself 30 day challenges is an achievable target and really does make an impact ALSO, it apparently only takes 21 days to create a new habit so in doing these 30 Day challenges I am setting myself new positive habits to live by everyday.  GO ME!  Haha…seriously though, check out Matt Cutts Ted Talk on exactly this subject – it’s just 3 minutes and proves I’m not a weirdo (or not the only weirdo) talking complete rubbish (it’s not rubbish, it’s brilliant.  FACT.)

There are SO many 30 Day challenges that can make a huge difference in your life, which could be to do with;

  • Gaining confidence
  • Feeling empowered
  • Achieving goals or dreams
  • Being more healthy
  • Becoming more adventurous
  • Finding happiness
  • …amongst trillions of others

The best part of 30 Day challenges is that you only need to make a small change and only one or two at a time so that it therefore becomes more sustainable in the future.  If this inspires you at all please don’t do everything at once.  It will all become way too much and you won’t be able to complete it!

What’s my favourite 30 Day Challenge?

My favourite favourite favourite 30 Day challenge is the 30 Days to healthy living plan I am doing at the moment.  Last time I did it, I had so much more energy, little or NO BLOATING (which for me is massive as I have all sorts of stomach problems and so much bloats me), much clearer skin and was actually able to spring out of bed in the morning.  That never happens. Seriously.  I am not a morning or evening person, I am a lunch time afternoon person 😉 This time (a week in) I saw no repercussions of cutting out anything like I did before AND I have seen the benefits so much quicker.  It’s literally amazing.

Basically you cut out any allergenic foods and you support your diet with the tastiest supplements I have ever had.  I feel like I’m drinking blooming milkshakes not protein shakes they are that good.  Then the drinks….oooohhh the fizz sticks.  Packed with vitamin B12, they give you so much energy you feel like you’re ready to run a marathon.  I never got that feeling with coffee!  Have any of you?!

These are just some of the things you can make on the 30 Days to Healthy Living Plan – quick, easy and all ON PLAN 😉





Anyway – if any of you would like to know more about the 30 Days to Healthy Living plan, let me know.  There is another group starting 15th January (but they run every month, so don’t panic!)  Or if you would like any inspiration for any other 30 Day Challenges I have done then just ask – I’ll be happy to help!

Lots of love,

Amy xxx