If any of you have read any of my other blogs, you will know that I suffered from a few types of skin problems.  I had eczema on my body, psoriasis on my scalp, and majorly rank spots on my face.  This meant the doctors could treat my spots, but I would end up with dry skin and eczema or I could have no psoriasis on my scalp but major spots on my face.  Nothing seemed to work, so I did my own research.  Sometimes, this is the worst thing you can do because you end up thinking you’re going to die.  Luckily I’m slightly more rational than that…haha!  These are my top tips when it comes to skincare mistakes, as it definitely was what I used to do and definitely have stopped now which has helped massively.

Over complicating your skin care routine

I used to be an avid user of everything under the sun.  L’oreal, Lancome, Clarins, Clinique, Benefit, Bobbi Brown (when I could afford it), Maybelline, MAC (why oh why!), Estee Lauder and Dermalogica…the list goes on.  But by using a million different brands of skin products and then a trillion different brands of makeup products, you won’t be doing your skin much good.  Different brands have different ingredients, which affect your skins pH balance and therefore affect your skin in general.  Don’t damage the skin barrier and unbalance the natural acidic ph by switching it up all the time as it really makes your skin sad 🙁


The other big thing that will help when it comes to products in general is to make sure the products you use are synergistic with your body.  By this I mean, make sure they work with your bodies and not work against it.  Some of the brands I used to use are very chemically based which end up harming your body more in the long run, rather than helping it get back to it’s natural state.  Read the ingredients policies of your skin and makeup brands to make sure they are bio-compatible ingredients.


There are so many skincare products out there nowadays and some that are mega harmful (not so much in the UK as we have strict rules over here)  but whatever you do, find something that works for you and stick to it.  At least for a couple of months anyway.  That’s the other thing I used to do, in ,y frustration of not finding something work straight away I would just keep chopping and changing to a different brand which left my skin feeling confused.  Products can take up to six weeks to start making a significant difference and also bear in mind that continued use is necessary to maintain the results.   You have to remain committed to achieve the results you want!


Live life by the 80/20 rule – I swear by it!

Your skin, starts with your gut

My top four lifestyle factors that do the skin the most damage are excessive alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating and chronic stress.  I could (and will) write an entire blog on this so won’t delve into too much detail but honestly the first thing to do to look after your skin is to seriously think about what you do on a daily basis in terms of the food you eat and your lifestyle.


If you’re stressed at work…do you grab food and go?  Do you nip out of a quick cigarette?  Do you go out on the new Friday (Thursday) and drink a HUGE amount of wine?  Or do you have a daily bottle of wine?  You can 100% indulge sometimes, but I would follow the old 80-20 rule and 80% of the time live well, 20% of the time go wild!


Face scrub time

Incorporate facials into your weekly routine

Apart from feeling mega relaxed when I have my Sunday evening pamper routine, it also properly helps your skin to have a good revamp once a week.  I have a cleanse, tone, moisturise approach morning and evening, with every other day using a scrub and then once a week a mask.  It helps get all the grime out properly from the week and you can start a fresh.  Oh my god – now I fancy a bath and a pamper session haha!


Start using anti aging products when you’re in your 20’s

I know this is going to sounds ridiculous but having a proper routine and beginning to think about anti agin products in your 20’s is a good idea.  From the age of 21 your skin’s elastane depletes by 1% every year, so it’s important to start thinking about what you can do to help it.  At least start with an eye cream, that’s where most people see wrinkles start, then you might want to move onto a moisturiser .  I’m now 28 and use a whole anti-aging line.  I completely swear by the Arbonne products and can’t go back to using anything else now, simply because it straight away doesn’t feel like it’s done anything.


Wash and moisturise your face daily

This might sound dumb too but when I was suffering with really bad spots, I would hardly ever moisturise and I would wash my face several times a day.  What this is actually doing is removing the skins natural oils and meaning that it over produces those oils and so you end up with more oily skin.  It was made even worse by the fact I didn’t moisturise.  Because of that, it has taken me nearly 2 years to get my skin properly back to it’s natural state and pH balanced again.  Complete nightmare – I would go around blotting my forehead with toilet roll, just to get rid of some of the grease!  Anyone else do that?! Or is it just me that’s the complete weirdo…?!

Have a great week guys – contact me if you have any questions!


Lots of love,

Amy aka The Health Nut xxx