Right guys…I have a confession to make.  I was all gung-ho for the 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge in January, cutting out all the nasties I ate over Christmas…and that all completely went tits up!  So here I go, finding a way to restart my New Year’s Resolutions and sharing them with you so you can too!  I lost my Christmas weight to be fair (as I have eaten healthier) BUT I certainly haven’t achieved my goal of having the body I was happy with by Feb.  Bugger…

If your New Year’s Resolutions have already gone down the pan.  Don’t panic!! You are not alone!  Research has shown that about 30% of people who make resolutions fail even before mid January!  Just because you’ve already given up on your new diet, exercise plan or organisation scheme does not mean you won’t ever succeed.  So I am BACK ON the 30 Days to Healthy Living, just in Feb and I seriously hope I can inspire you guys to get back on whatever you decided to do again! HERE WE GO!!!

In actual fact, “Early slips do not predict failure, in fact, many ultimately successful resolvers report – even as they experience them – that the early slips strengthen their resolutions.”

The key is to come back even stronger guys, so how the hell do you do that?!


Success is not final – keep going to succeed!

First and foremost….give yourself a reality check!!

Don’t be annoyed that you failed.  It’s ok to fail…so accept that, move on and understand that we are all human at the end of the day.  Then have a little think about how it made you feel that you hadn’t reached your goal.  If I’m completely honest I mainly wasn’t bothered, but then I was reminded why I was achieving the goal, which leads me nicely onto tip no.2…


Have a little think about why you’re doing it – it needs to motivate you.

Remind yourself why you’re doing your New Year’s Resolutions

All the girls were trying our bridesmaid dresses on, ready for my friends wedding in June.  They all looked stunning…and I was like….ohhhh errrr yeahhhhh; that’s what I’m doing this for.  It’s so my friend doesn’t have the bloated bridesmaid in the wedding pics for the rest of her life!

I then remembered my other friend who I’m bridesmaid for the following week (always the bridesmaid never the bride, but that’s another story) and I didn’t want to be the blobby one at hers either…the other two are flipping tiny!!! So another thing to do is to remind yourself of WHY you set those goals, so you can ensure they spur you on and motivate you!


Find a buddy

If you have someone to help keep you accountable, who is maybe doing something similar it makes things a whole lot easier.  I promise. Even in business I regularly call my accountability partner and I am then reminded, oh crap…I need to do more work as she is KILLING IT at life and I’m not…!  So whatever you want to achieve, it’s so worth just having that person to keep you motivated.


Focus on your New Year’s Resolutions

I found I had too many things that were changing and so I found it all way too much to keep on top of.  When you go from Christmas and eating all the crap you could possibly want, to suddenly eating none of it….it was way too much.  I needed to ease myself in, cold turkey is HARD! So changing a couple of thing in Jan has now meant that doing the full plan in Feb will be easier.  Really look at your goal, break it down and work out whether it’s totally achievable.  Then focus!


#fabruary – start when it is absolutely right for you

Restart your New Year’s Resolutions at the right time

A behaviour change on a Monday or the 1st day of the month has a massive psychological significance!  It may modestly improve your chances of success. So now we are beginning of Feb, or perhaps you start on Feb 4th….these two opportunities could massively help you!

Hope that helps you restart your New Year’s Resolutions everyone!  Happy February!

Lots of love,

The Health Nut xxx