Is it really a week since I last wrote?! As the UK summer is basically over I feel I ought to finish the Pimm’s as it’s just staring at me at the moment and needs to be used up so I can start being healthy. Does anyone else do that? Say ‘Oh I just need to finish all the bad stuff in the house and then I can be healthy’. But then end up going to Morrie’s (a supermarket in the UK, actually called Morrisons…) and buying tonnes more chocolate and crisps…please tell me it’s not just me.

I thought I would just tell you a little bit about why I’m so into health right now. I started my health and wellness business in September last year when I was going through a really stressful time. I was really poorly going in and out of hospital for tests on my stomach (examinations, blood tests, pee pots, poo bags…the lot…it was delightful) but everything I tried wasn’t working.   From my diet to medications, I was starting to wonder what the hell to do. Basically all that was ‘wrong’ was that I was suffering from stress and it affected my skin, bowels and mental health. Our body is a crazy thing because really I should have been happy as Larry (who is Larry?!). I was buying a house, had a well paid job, had a brilliant set of friends and an incredible family and frankly everything was pretty much going right!

Anyway, if it wasn’t for the focus of starting something new, I would have really struggled to build myself back up to being ‘glass half-full Amy’ as I got called last night! It was because of this journey that I am literally obsessed with all this stuff now. Rather than coming home from work and just climbing into bed because I’m not hungry and just want to sleep, I am springing out of bed in the mornings and staying up past midnight with my mind thinking of all the fun things I can do (this is late for me ok, I’m a 10pm kinda gal!)

Happy times

So while I’m not qualified to give anyone advice, I can certainly tell you about my experiences and what I have learnt just so you can then use it to your potential advantage.

So enjoy! See you next time 🙂